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Local Social Media Marketing by Ryan Pitylak

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By Ryan Pitylak

Local social media marketing was recently covered by one of our bloggers over at It’s important to realize that social media marketing isn’t the right tool for all local businesses. It takes a fairly loyal following to show interest in your local business. Examples of businesses that attract this type of local attention are chiropractors, restaurants, dentists, and attorneys. Unfortunately for the local plumber, there aren’t too many people who are going to be too interested in what their local plumber has to tell them on a regular basis.

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Google Changes

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Google made a major change last week around radius of service area. This means that you could be in a neighboring city and get ranked in a major city next door. I’m a bit skeptical about whether customers will actually rank well in these adjacent cities, but we’re doing a ton of testing to try to figure it out. Local SEOs have been asking for this product for as long as I can remember. Cheers to Google for getting it launched! This is a great step forward. Ryan Pitylak

Non traditional content from local websites – Blumenthal recapped by Ryan Pitylak

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Ryan Pitylak here covering Mike Blumenthal’s coverage of Google’s new Places functionality.

Google has been doing some pretty interesting stuff with their new Places pages. Although I was a bit unhappy with the Places pages at first, I’m starting to like them as I become used to them. Some of the new functionality, as outlined by Mike Blumenthal in his Google Maps: Now Adding Reviews from News Sites, Hyperlocal Blogs, and Other Non Traditional Reviews Sources (long title…) writes about how Google is parsing review based content from blogs and using that information in the Google Local post. This is very interesting because it means that Google is starting to understand the details of the content within local websites. I thought it would take some standardized format, such as hReviews, but I guess it didn’t. However, I think some standardization would be nice for everyone, including Google.

Great post Mike – looking forward to looking into this concept more! ~ Ryan Pitylak

Upcoming PPC Best Practices Webinar

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Search Marketing Now is having a ppc best practices webinar in January. They tend to be a great resource for people looking to learn more about search marketing. I would highly recommend watching the webinar. Hopefully I’ll find some time to catch it and see if there are any new tricks I can learn.

Ryan Pitylak

Google Local Abuses Discussed

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Mike Blumenthal has been covering the abuses in Google Local performed by less reputable local search marketers. There are a few problems going on right now, but one that has raised a lot of attention is the hijacking issue.

One way of dealing with this issue is clearly through litigation. A woman in New Zealand faces up to 7 years in jail for taking ownership of other people’s businesses without their permission.

Hijacking problems have been rampant in the floral, payday loan, and locksmith industries (see Mike Blumenthal’s blog for more details) There are most likely many others that are less visible where this is happening as well. Google is certainly trying to build solutions to deal with the issue, but it’ll be awhile before their technology can spot problematic listings before they go live.

Google Personalizes Search For Everyone

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Google will be personalizing search for everyone. This is a pretty major shift from the account-based personalization. This is certainly a major change from the original method of personalizing search results, and will be difficult for search marketers, but it’ll certainly create a better environment for the end user.

Google Adds Breadcrumbs to Search Results

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This is an interesting addition to Google Search Results.

Clickable breadcrumbs for select websites.

Geo-Targeting PPC

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SearchMarketingNow is writing about geo-targeted PPC. Geo-targeted PPC is great, assuming you have a geo-targeted product.

However, you’re potentially missing out on a lot of great traffic if you’re only buying the term “shoes”, geo-targeted to Chicago, IL if you’re in the shoe business. There’s going to be some extra traffic available from “chicago shoes”, since Google doesn’t always get geo-targeting right.

Also, and more importantly, your bids may be a lot higher. This has to do with the expensive nature of 1 word terms, such as “shoes”, even when they are geo-targeted.